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Identity/Migration: Polish children 1944

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PHTM has created an in -house learning experience called Identity/Migration: Polish children 1944, part of the Stefania for schools programme. It is based on the book “Stefania’s Dancing Slippers” written by Jennifer Beck and illustrated by Lindy Fisher.

This programme is suitable for regular school groups , years 3-8 and home schooled students. Teacher / parent participation encouraged to develop the lesson plan 1-1.5 hours  $2per student

 Stefania is a fictional character based on interviews and the story of 733 Polish children who came to New Zealand  during WW2. This group of children were part of the 1.7 million Poles forced by Stalin to Siberia in 1940, and it turn this group spent time in Persia around 1942-44 and eventually came to NZ in November 1944.

  • This lesson covers N.Z. and Polish events from 1939 to 1945.
  • Enjoy the beautiful original artworks from the book in the Lower Gallery at the PHTM
  • See real objects from that time and watch the DVD presentation.
  • Teachers please feel free to contact museum staff to discuss your requirements as regards to syllabus and lesson plan, we are open to your requests. Topics covered include: refugees, the NZ Government and its invitation by the Peter Fraser, the beginning of WW2 and general topics of war: family loss and survival.
  • As the original artworks by Lindy Fisher are available for viewing, this lesson can also develop into an art talk for home school students by museum staff.
  • The age range for students is for middle primary to intermediate students. (Years 3-8)

Regular museum hours are Tues to Fri 10-4 and Sunday 12-5 but we are available on Monday as well for this programme and can start from 8.30am for you till 5pm if necessary.

 Free teacher only sessions:

Are available to prepare your students trip to the museum. These sessions will be around 45 mins. or more and can be booked by appointment. If you are in the area please call in and we will be pleased to accommodate you. Phone 533 3530