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Full List

English text:

  • ‘A Strange Outcome’ by John Roy-Wojciechowski & Alan Parker $30
  • ‘Once upon a time in Poland – Legends for children’ $25
  • ‘Once Upon a Time in Poland’ Activity Book’ $16
  • ‘Black Madonna comes to NZ’ booklet  $5
  • ‘Out of Poland: A Holocaust Story’ by Jenny Harrison $25
  • The Nineth Candle by Jenny Harrison $30
  • ‘Pan Tadeusz’ by A. Mickiewicz translated by Marcel Weyland $
  • ‘One Man’s Odyssey’ by Jozef Jagiello $30
  • ‘Alone’ by Alina Suchanski $30
  • ‘Polish Kiwis’ by Alina Suchanski $40 (last copy available)
  • ‘A Winters Day in 1939’ by Melinda Szymanik $20
  • ‘A Priest’s Odyssey’ Eng.trans of Kaplanska Odyseja $25


  • ‘Poles Apart’  Story of 733 Polish Children by Alina Suchankski $35


  • Polish Eagle Badge / Pin $5
  • ‘Sybiracy’ Polish exiles to Siberia, 2 zloty coin $8
  • arm band $15

Polish text:

  • ‘Pahiatua’ malych Polakow $40
  • ‘Ogrod’ poetry by     $10
  • ‘Polacy w Nowej Zelandii’ by Marian Kaluski
  • ‘Polski Nowozelandczyk. Nadzwyczajna Historia Zycia
  • ‘Kaplanska Odyseja. ks. M. Wilniewczyca
  • Dwie ojczyzny. Polskie dzieci w Nowej Zelandii. Tu
  • ‘Glos Serca Na Drogach Zycia’  by Malwina Schwieters $

a strange outcome

‘A Strange Outcome’ the remarkable survival story of a Polish Child by John Roy-Wojciechowski & Allan Parker NZ$30

On a bitterly cold winter’s morning in 1940, little Jan Wojciechowski and his family were rounded up by the conquering Russians to begin the arduous journey to a labour camp in the Arctic. Along with the millions of other Polish citizens, they endured years of cruel hardship and deprivation. Millions perished but the Wojciechowski children miraculously survived. The is the story of a barely known holocaust that brought young Jan to New Zealand in 1944; at its heart is a family who refused to be crushed by the terrifying force of Stalinism. A strange outcome also gives a fascinating glimpse into the fledgling beginnings of big business in New Zealand and the influences that put Jan, now known as John Roy, on the pathway to a happy and enormously successful life.

This book is also available in the Polish language. John Roy-Wojciechowski is available for book signing if requested at the PHTM