Warsaw Uprising 44 & Forgotten Odyssey

August 16, 2018 @ 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
Polish Heritage Trust Museum
125 Elliot St
Howick, Auckland 2014
New Zealand
Entry by donation, Thank you
Museum staff
09 533 3530


‘Battle of Warsaw – Uprising in 1944 / Bitwa o Warszawe – Powstanie w 44’ dir. Wanda Koscia (2005). History of the Warsaw Uprising, the bloodiest military action taken by the only underground army in occupied Europe.

The history of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising presented from the perspective of participants, mainly insurgents who in a lively, involved and emotional way talk about their experiences, fate of their friends and their beloved city. The story is also told from 2 other perspectives, a German soldier, who participated in the brutal suppression of the Warsaw’s quarter Wola and a British pilot and   member of the British Military Mission in Moscow.

Their accounts allow their views to reconstruct a dramatic story of the  uprising and the personal dramas of its participants.Produced in Poland and Great Britain. (47 min)


‘A Forgotten Odyssey’ dir. Jagna Wright (2000). In 1940, after Russia invaded Poland, Stalin deported 1.7 million Poles to slave labour camps in Siberia and Kazakhstan. Only one third of them survived.

They tell their stories. The main destinations of these transports were Archangelsk and Kazakhstan. In some cases, the deportees were just dumped in the middle of a forest and told to build their own shelters. In other cases, they were moved to various collective farms called “kolhozs” (collectivnoye hoziaystvo).

It is estimated that slightly more than 100,000 people were later transported to Pahlevi, Persia, via the Caspian Sea. Roughly half were soldiers and half civilians. This constitutes about 7 percent of all Polish citizens who were in Russia between September 1939 and June 1941.

How many remained in Russia, how many died, how many were allowed to return to Poland after the war can be only speculated. (52 min)